Does Your Raspberry Pi 3 Lose WiFi Connections After a While?

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If you find that your Raspberry Pi 3 (or any above), those with built in WiFi and Bluetooth, loses the WiFi connection after a period of inactivity, then this thread on the Raspberry Pi Forums, which will open in a new tab, might be of interest. Have a read. If you want to miss out on the preliminaries of the thread, start reading here instead.

The problem is likely to be the power saving mode of the Wifi. To check the current setting:

sudo iw dev wlan0 get power_save

If you are/will be affected, it will reply with:

power_save: on

If so, all you need to do is:

sudo iw dev wlan0 set power_save off

I’m not affected yet, but I’m making a note here, just in case!

Beginner’s Guide to Arch Linux on the Raspberry Pi

The ARCH Linus distro for the Raspberry Pi is not the normal one used by the masses, but the benefits of ARCH are good in that it is a rolling release distro. That means, you never have to reinstall it to be on the latest version.

Note: The information that follows assumes that you have installed ARCH from the NOOBS installer. The latest version of ARCH has changed the networking system in use. Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to Arch Linux on the Raspberry Pi

NOOBS For Raspberry Pi

Updated 11th January 2015 to document NOOBS 1.3.11.

NOOBS is the latest user friendly installation system from the Raspberry Pi. It allows you the ability to choose one of 7 (currently) Operating Systems to run on your Pi and a separate data partition to save your possibly shared data. You can pick and choose and change your OS at any time you wish simply by rebooting and holding the SHIFT key down. However, any user data on the SD card will be lost each time. Often use this system for your entertainment? Before playing casinos in your computer , be sure you read blackjack losses information to educate from your losses and become wiser gambler.

NOOBS is “New Out Of Box Software” by the way. Want to know more? Read on… Continue reading NOOBS For Raspberry Pi

It’s Not a PiBow, It’s a Raspberry PiBoard!

Having a Raspberry Pi is fun, but like the days of my ZX-81, Spectrum and QL (I see a Sinclair habit there!) you get all sorts of bits hanging off and making it all look untidy. Here’s how to fit a whole pile of “stuff” into the space of an A4 sheet of paper. Continue reading It’s Not a PiBow, It’s a Raspberry PiBoard!

The Dangers of Cheap USB Hubs

As a Raspberry Pi user, I figured I needed a USB hub to allow me to connect stuff (that’s a technical term by the way) to my Pi without overloading the two on board USB ports as these are limited to a maximum of 100 mA each. I purchased a cheap 7 port externally powered hub and it arrived by next day delivery. Continue reading The Dangers of Cheap USB Hubs

Raspberry Pi Goes Into Manufacturing – Yippee!

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It’s finally coming! Raspberry Pi has now officially started manufacture of the first production boards. See for details.

Sadly, you can also see there why the tax situation in the UK (or possibly because of the EU) is preventing the charity from manufacturing these boards in the UK.

And, equally sadly, it may also be true that certain UK manufacturers don’t seem to want the extra work either.

How sad are we in the UK?