Build 64bit OCILIB Libraries for CodeBlocks

I tend to compile with gcc, in a bash session, on Windows 7. I use Code::Blocks as my IDE of choice and one of my projects, well, quite a few, use the excellent OCILIB library for accessing Oracle databases, by Vincent Rogier. I can’t recommend this library highly enough.

However, it comes with a Code::Blocks project file to build 32 bit libraries, but I need 64 bits. Here’s how I do it.

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Window Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance is important for your home’s windows. It can help them last longer, perform better and look great. Well-maintained windows will also serve to enhance the security and appearance of your home, guarding against the effects of temperature fluctuations, weather and debris. Follow these maintenance tips from Rescom’s expert window technicians to help keep your windows in shape. Visit for more information about professional maintenance.


Wipe down windows regularly with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Don’t use too much water, especially on wood frame windows, as moisture can lead to rot. For vinyl windows, used a combination of warm water, a mild detergent and a soft scrubbing brush.

Use a glass cleaner in between deep cleans to keep the windows sparkling. Don’t neglect the window casing and adjacent wall area, in an effort to remove that build-up of dirt and debris in hard-to-reach components. Window jams can occur when dirt is allowed to accumulate in those areas.

Regular Inspections

In spring and fall, perform a thorough inspection of your windows, being sure to check the condition of the window frame and sash. Keep an eye out for signs of rot, especially on wood frames, that can indicate moisture infiltration.

Be on the lookout for moisture in double- or triple-paned windows, which could mean the seal has failed and must be replaced. Allowing a failed seal to remain will reduce the insulation capacity of your windows.

Have the sun’s harsh UV rays caused areas of the frame to become brittle and warp? Is paint peeling in certain areas? Is the weather stripping still intact? Replace, repair and repaint as needed. Caulk any gaps between the wall and window casing.


Gaps around your window allow for energy leakage, increasing your bills and reducing the efficiency of your home. For optimal sealing, replace all worn rubber seals to keep air and water leaks at bay and further secure the window in place. You can also use spray insulation or caulking to do the job.

Damaged Parts

Repair any cracks, holes, and splinters in the window to avoid further deterioration. If you notice cracked or broken glass, get it repaired or replaced immediately to prevent energy leakage and accidental cuts. This task is best left up to professionals.

Check the Fit

Frames and sashes can change subtly in size over time, thanks to usage and exposure to temperature cycles. As a result, gaps can form between window components, allowing air and water infiltration. Carefully check the fit of all window components. Make sure they can open all the way and that they close and lock completely. Swelling or warping of the window frame or sash means moisture is present.

Which Extra Cost Oracle Options is my Windows Server Running?

It’s always nice to know which extra cost Oracle options are enabled, whether deliberately or silently as the result of some patching that has taken place.
Keep yourself and your server room cool with blaux wearable ac.

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How to Start an Oracle Database When You Are Not in the DBA Group

This applies to Linux, Unix as well as Windows, but affected me on a Windows 2012 Server running Oracle Enterprise Edition.

My user on the server was an administration user, but not in the ora_dba group. This is required to connect / as sysdba within SQL*Plus. The SYS password had been changed recently but whoever did it, did not update the password vault. The users were urgently requiring their database be started, I was the only DBA in the office, the SYS password was unknown, and my user didn’t belong directly to the ora_dba group. What to do? Continue reading How to Start an Oracle Database When You Are Not in the DBA Group

Tnsnames.ora, IFILE and Network Drives on Windows

I’ve recently begun a new contract migrating a Solaris 9i database to Oracle 11gR2 on Windows, in the Azure cloud. I hate windows with a vengeance and this hasn’t made me change my opinion!

One of the planned improvements is to have everyone using a standard, central tnsnames.ora file for alias resolution. A good plan, and the company has incorporated my own tnsnames checker utility to ensure that any edits are valid and don’t break anything.

I found that the tnsnames.ora in my local Oracle Client install, was not working. Here’s what I had to do to fix it. Continue reading Tnsnames.ora, IFILE and Network Drives on Windows

Getting Arduino Working from a Windows 7 VirtualBox Guest

Do I like problems or what? 🙂 I’m running Linux Mint 17.2 as my host, and I have a VirtualBox 5.0 VM running Windows 7 Professional. I decided I’d like to be able to run the Arduino software from within the VM, but not talking to an Arduino, but to a bare bones setup and programming AtTiny85 devices. The following might be of use to other people’s needs as it explains how the FDTI device cane be automatically assigned to the VM rather than to the host, when plugged in and the VM is running. Continue reading Getting Arduino Working from a Windows 7 VirtualBox Guest