OpenSuse 11.2 Foibles

I recently upgraded to OpenSuse 11.2 and in doing so, lost a couple of things:

  • SoundKonverter just vanished.
  • KDEsvn also disappeared.
  • VLC stopped playing videos. Sound was heard, just no picture.
  • SMPlayer did a similar thing, no picture or sound.
  • Generating documents in PDF format for the Firebird Open Source Database project, stopped working with an error:
    /home/norman/Documents/cvs/firebird/manual/src/build/build.xml:716: javax.xml.transform.Transxception: 

The following are the solutions.

Go to and scroll down to the download button for OpenSuse. Download the RPM and simply install it by clicking it in Dolphin.

You will most likely need the various codecs packages - if you don't already have them. Try the sounkonverter package first and if it needs anything else, it will complain. Install those and try again.

Add a new repository (see below under VLC for details of how). The URL you need is

Open the Software manager and search for kdesvn. When found, right click it and select install. (See below for details of searching for packages.)

You need to add a new repository to YAST, as follows:

  • Alt+F2.
  • Type in yast and press ENTER/RETURN.
  • When prompted, enter the root password.
  • When Yast starts, select Software on the left and Software Repositories on the right.
  • Click on the Add button.
  • Select Specify URL and cick next.
  • Name the repository Packman.
  • For the URL, enter all of the following
  • OK your way out (or click next etc.)

The system will download the repository files as required. Now you can go into yast control panel again, select Software on the left and Software management on the right.

When the application loads:

  • Select the search tab.
  • Type vlc into the search box and click search.

After a short delay, the system will respond with a list of all pakages containing vlc - you are most interested in the following 6:

  • libvlc2
  • vlc
  • vlc-mozillaplugin (if you use firefox)
  • vlc-noX
  • vlc-qt

In the installed(available) column, you should see the version you have installed already followed by the available version in brackets.

You need a version of VLC at least or above. The pm in the name says that it comes from the Packman repository.

To upgrade, right click each option and chose update. Click on accept when all done. It will download and install the latest updates and hopefully, you will have sound and video when it has completed.

Make sure you have the latest version of smplayer and mplayer installed. Then, in smplayer, go to Option→Preferences, select general on the left, on the video tab (on the right) select the video output option xv(0 ATI Radeon overlay). It worked for me and I do have an ATI Radeon card in my laptop.

Delete the Java packages that are not "Sun" packages. Reinstall the ones from Sun.

After many years of happy playing, Amarok started throwing errors and when asked to play a play list, it simply and repeatedly (and quickly) went through each song in the play list, didn't play it, and then tried the next one.

A small box appeared in the bottom right corner of the screen saying that "there were too many errors in the play list, skipping".

The solution, assuming your phonon back-end is not gStreamer, is to delete the Xine cache file:

rm ~/.xine/catalog.cache

Everything will work now.

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