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WMAN Colour Format

Colours for the new version of WMAN are always given as one word.

%00000000ccccccccOrdinary QDOS
%00000010ssssssssSystem palette
%00000011hhhhhhhhGray scale
%00000100cc00tttd3d border
%01ssxxxxxxyyyyyyPalette stipple
%1rrrrgggggbbbbbb15 bit RGB


  • Palette refers to the mode 31 set of 256 colours.
  • System palette refers to the WMAN palette set of colours for PE windows.
  • The gray scale gives numbers from 0 to 255 (black to white) where each colour has equal amounts of Red, Green and Blue.
  • The 3d border colour can only be used for borders. See below for an image of what is possible.
    • d = direction (0 = raised, 1 = lowered)
    • t = type
    • c = comaptibility mode
  • The stipple codes are shown below. The values of x and y range only from 0 to 64. This means that only the first 64 colours of the palette can be used for stipple. However, unless the palette has been grossly redefined, the first 64 colours give a good, though not complete, covering of the range.
    • s = stipple code (0 = dot, 1 = horizontal, 2 = vertical, 3 = checkers.
    • x = stipple colour
    • y = main colour

3D Borders

The image below shows exactly what it is possible to create using the various settings for the d/t/c parameters in the 3d border option.

Click for full sized image

Note: Click on the image for the full sized version.

This image came to me (Norman) many years ago and I can't remember why supplied it. If it is yours, let me know and you will receive full attribution.

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