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Loose Menu Item Attributes

To bring some semblance of order to the window organisation, all menu items within any one window or sub-window are constrained to have the same attributes. There is one set of attributes for each of the each of the three possible states of the item, and there is a border attribute to indicate the item currently pointed to.

Name      Off Size      Description
wda_curw  $00  Word     Current item border width.
wda_curc  $02  Word     Current item border colour.
wda_unav  $04  8 Bytes  Item unavailable attribute record.
wda_aval  $0C  8 Bytes  Item available attribute record.
wda_selc  $14  8 Bytes  Item selected attribute record.
wda.elen  $1C  n/a      Menu item attribute entry length.

The three, 8 byte, individual attribute records mentioned above, are as follows:

Name      Off Size   Description
wda_back  $00  Word  Item background (paper) colour.
wda_ink   $02  Word  Text object ink colour.
wda_blob  $04  Word  Pointer to blob for pattern.
wda_patt  $06  Word  Pointer to pattern for blob.
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