Window Attributes

The window attributes for the window definition are four words defining a window clear flag, the shadow depth, the border and paper. For sub-windows, the shadow depth should be zero. For the main window the typical shadow depth will be 2, the actual x and y shadows will be derived from this.

The top bit of the clear flag is used to define whether or not the (sub-)window should be cleared when it is (re-)drawn: if it is set then the window is not cleared.

Name      Off Size   Description
wda_clfg  $00  Byte  Bit 7 = 0 : Clear window.
                     Bit 7 = 1 : Do not clear window. 
                     Bit 0 = 0 : Cursor keys move pointer.
                     Bit 0 = 1 : Cursor keys do not move pointer.
wda_shdd  $01  Byte  Shadow depth.
wda_borw  $02  Word  Border width in pixels.
wda_borc  $04  Word  Border colour.
wda_papr  $06  Word  Paper colour.

Note: Bit 0 of wda_cflg determines whether or not the cursor keys allow the pointer to be moved within the window. George Gwilt has discovered that when the cursor keys are disabled (bit 0 set) then you cannot HIT or DO any items in an application sub-window menu using the keyboard either.

This could be a bug. This enabling or disabling is separate from the use of the CKEYON and CKEYOFF commands in SuperBasic. [ND]

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