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This trap returns the allowable limits of a window.

Call ParametersReturn Parameters
D0 = $6C D0 = Error return
D2 = 0 D2 preserved
D3.W = timeout D3 preserved
A0 = window ID A0 preserved
A1 = pointer to result area A1 preserved


ICHN channel not open
IPAR invalid parameter (D2 <> 0)


A1 points to a four-word area of memory into which the limits are returned in the usual X-size, Y-size, X-origin, Y-origin format. These are absolute co-ordinates.


It is assumed that A0 contains the ID of the window channel.

 lea   block(a6),a1
 moveq #$6C,d0
 moveq #0,d2
 moveq #-1,d3
 trap  #3
 tst.l d0
 bne   oops ---->
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