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Gets pointer information.

Call ParametersReturn Parameters
D0 = $70 D0 = Error return
D1 = pointer version (n.nn)
D3.W = timeout D3 is preserved
A0 = channel IDA0 is preserved
A1 = window manager vector

No other registers are used.


ICHNchannel not open
IPARPTR_GEN not there


  • The version number is a four byte ASCII string eg '1.21'
  • The window manager vector contains the entry points for the routines in WMAN.
  • The window manager vector is zero if WMAN is not present.


This shows how to check the presence of PE and also to store the WMAN vector.

 moveq   #$70,d0    IOP.PINF
 moveq   #-1,d3     timeout
 movea.l id(a6),a0  channel ID
 trap    #3
 tst.l   d0
 bne     oops ----> no PTR_GEN
 move.l  a1,d0      is WMAN there? . .
 beq     oops ----> . . no!
 move.l  a1,wmvec(a6)
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