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WM.PRPOS/PULLD/UNSET/WRSET - Vectors $0C/$10/$14/$18

  • PRPOS positions a primary window.
  • PULLD pulls down a secondary window
  • UNSET unsets a definition. If the window was pulled down, it disappears.
  • WRSET resets an existing window.
Call ParametersReturn Parameters
D1 window origin or -1 D1 preserved
A0 window channel ID
A4 pointer to working definition A4 preserved


ORNGOut of range


  • No other registers are used.
  • The x,y position in D1 is in absolute co-ordinates.
  • If D1 is -1, the window is placed at the current pointer position. Else the position is that in D1.
  • When a window is placed at a specific point it is placed so that the pointer origin in the window is at that point.
  • A window pulled down is constrained to be within its primary.
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