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This trap allocates space in the resident procedures area.

Call ParametersReturn Parameters
D1.LNumber of bytes required.D1.LCorrupted.
D2.LUnused. D2.L Corrupted.
D3.LUnused. D3.L Corrupted.
A0.LUnused. A0.L Base address of allocated memory.
A1.LUnused. A1.L Corrupted.
A2.LUnused. A2.L Corrupted.
A3.LUnused. A3.L Corrupted.


ERR_NCNot complete (usually means some jobs have been EXEC'd.)
ERR_OMOut of memory


  • All registers not shown above are not used on entry and are preserved

on exit.

  • This trap is how the SuperBasic function RESPR works. It allocates space in the resident procedures area, but only if there are no jobs running.


The following shows the use of this call.

        moveq   #mt_alres,d0      ; Trap code
        move.l  #1024,d1          ; 1 Kbyte required in resident procedure space
        trap    #1                ; Allocate the space
        tst.l   D0                ; Did it work ?
        bne.s   oops              ; No, handle errors
                                  ; All ok, use tha space allocated from (A0) onwards.
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