This trap sets or reads the display mode.

Call ParametersReturn Parameters
D1.B mode key D1.B display mode
D2.B type key D2.B display type

No errors are returned by this trap.

  • All registers not shown above except A0 and A4 are not used on entry and are preserved on exit.
  • If D1.B is -1 on entry, the mode is read and returned in D1.B. Otherwise the mode indicated in D1.B is set. The mode keys are:
    • 0 mode is 4 colour
    • 2 mode is 2 colour (SMS)
    • 8 mode is 8 colour
    • 12 mode is 16 colour (Thor XVI)
    • 32 mode is 64k colour (QPC2) [GD2 colours] - NB Return only
    • 33 mode is 64k colour Q40/60 etc [GD2 colours] - NB Return only
  • If D2.B is -1, the type of display is read and returned in D2.B. Otherwise the type indicated is set. The type keys are:
    • 0 monitor
    • 1 625-line TV
    • 2 525-line TV
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